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I am a post-doc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology as part of André Platzer's team: Logic of Autonomous Dynamical Systems . My main focus is on the extension of differential dynamic logic (dL) called differential refinement logic (dRL) and its applications for proving safety of hybrid systems. Refinements express the idea that systems can have fewer behaviours than others, and thus are helpful to know when it is sound to replace a hybrid program by another without breaking the safety of the overall system.

Previously, I did my PhD on typed behavioural equivalences in the pi-calculus at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the University of Bologna under the supervision of Daniel Hirschkoff and Davide Sangiorgi. There, I worked on designing type systems (for references, sequentiality, ...), and adapted the existing bisimilarity techniques to these new settings to prove typed behavioural equivalence, i.e. when the replacement of programs will not alter the resulting behaviour.

More information in my CV.

Enguerrand Prebet

Department of Informatics

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Am Fasanengarten 5

76131, Karlsruhe, Germany

Email: name dot surname at kit dot edu

Phone: +49 721 608-45804

Office: Building 50.34 Room 159

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International Conferences:

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  2. Enguerrand Prebet.
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  5. Vishnu V. Narayan, Enguerrand Prebet, and Adrian Vetta.
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PhD Thesis:


In Spring '23, I organised a Proseminar on Differential Programming with Noah Abou El Wafa, Samuel Teuber and André Platzer.

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